Beef Jerky


Our Own Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky:  Available in Traditional, Cajun, Black Pepper, Bar-B-Q, Smokin' Hot, Flamin' Hot, Caribbean, Teriyaki, Hot Teriyaki and Mesquite

Our Very Own Beef Jerky.
 Available in Traditional
Black Pepper
Smokin' Hot!
Flamin' Hot!!
Hot Teriyaki & Mesquite


Due to Federal USDA Regulations,
we are only able to sell our Beef Jerky in the State of Missouri.

Each bag contains 4 oz. of whole muscle jerky made from 97% lean beef top round.  Our beef jerky in always made only from beef grown right here in the Show Me state!
Missourians ONLY -  e-mail us for prices including shipping.  We are very reasonably priced!
We are able to sell our jerky seasoning anywhere in the World!  We have available for sell all of our 10 varieties of Jerky Seasoning.

How to Make Beef and Deer Jerky Safely According to the FSIS.

For more information, just email us.

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