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Beef Suet - 3 lb. Bag -  Click on the Photo to enlargeBeef Suet

[Click the photo to the left to see a larger photo]


2˝ lbs. of 100% Pure Beef Suet (Also known as Beef Tallow or Beef Kidney Fat) is only $29.97
Purchase 2 or more bags and the cost per bag is $24.97.  Shipped FREE
 by USPS Priority Mail! 

We ship our 2˝ lbs. of beef suet in a vacuum packed bag for quality preservation!  The 2˝ lbs.  lbs. of Beef Suet are in various size pieces in the vacuum bag.


We recommend placing the beef suet in your home freezer as soon as you receive it.

Ideas for Home made suet feeders.

How to render our 100% pure beef suet.

What is beef suet and how to use it for Bird Feed.

More Beef Suet Bird Feeding Tips


Our Beef Suet is NOT sold for human consumption.

Our beef suet is cut from beef that is not inspected by the USDA.  It is cut from beef that is used for human consumption,
but since it is not inspected, we can not sell if for human consumption.


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We sell our beef suet for bird feed.  (But it is suitable for human consumption.) This makes an Excellent bird food during the cold winter months for those who like watching wild birds.

Our suet can also be used for pudding and other applications.
It is suitable for human consumption.

Ideas for Home made suet feeders.

Hanging types:

Plastic mesh bags -- that held fruits and vegetables.

Pine cone(s) stuffed with suet.

Small log drilled with 1.5 by 1.5 inch holes stuffed with soft suet.

Coconut shell.

Folded piece of hardware cloth-- not for long term use.

Mounted or fasten feeders:

Pint sized plastic berry basket and fasten it open side onto a tree branch or truck.

Wire soap dish.

FALL TIP! Many adult birds will undergo a complete molt of their feathers each fall. This, and getting ready for migration requires lots of energy like that found in suet!

(The birds that visit your suet feeder this fall will also reward you in the spring and summer months by eating the insects in your garden!)

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Some of the backyard birds that enjoy suet include:

Blue JaysStarlingsWrens

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How to render our 3 lb. chunks of 100% pure beef suet.

To render suet, it's best to start with beef suet (ask your butcher to grind it if don't have a meat grinder, or else chop the raw beef fat as fine as you can). Heat the ground or chopped suet over a medium flame until all the fat leaches out. There should be nothing pink in your pan, only solid gray bits in a clear liquid. Strain out the gray bits by pouring the melted suet through a fine cheesecloth. Save the strained liquid fat and let it cool.
 Suet at this stage is still somewhat soft, but if you melt it and strain it again, you will produce a very hard suet. You may put out your rendered suet as is, use it to make suet cakes, or store it for later use (it will keep for a year in a covered container in your freezer).

Our Stores' Ordering Page.
This page contains all of our products we sale.

What is beef suet and how to use it for Bird Feed.

Suet is beef fat found along side the kidney and loin on a beefs hindquarter.

Suet is one of the most popular bird foods. It's the best food to attract woodpeckers, and among the other birds fond of suet are wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, kinglets, thrashers, creepers, cardinals, and starlings. Mixtures of suet and peanut butter may attract woodpeckers, goldfinches, juncos, cardinals, thrushes, jays, kinglets, bluebirds, wrens, and starlings.

Suet is solid at room temperature, and so long as outside temperatures remain below 70 degrees F, all you have to do is put out raw beef fat. You can buy suet from your butcher, most grocery store meat departments don't have "true" beef suet.
If the temperature is warmer, beef fat can melt or turn rancid, and it's safer to use cakes of hard rendered suet. You can buy commercial suet cakes, or you can make your own using rendered suet.

To make suet cakes, heat suet until it melts. As it cools and thickens, stir in chopped peanuts, sunflower seeds, bird seed mix, or other ingredients your birds will eat.

The traditional suet feeder is a small wire cage, which may be placed on the trunk of a tree or suspended from a branch. You can also place suet in a nylon mesh bag. Some bird feeders have a hopper for seeds, and suet cages on the sides of the hopper. You can put either raw or prepared suet in these feeders.

Soft suet mixtures may be spread on tree trunks or smeared onto pine cones that may be hung.

Starlings are particularly fond of suet. To discourage them, use a cage that is covered on all sides but the bottom, so that the only birds that will eat the suet will be those that can hang upside down while feeding (this is not a problem for woodpeckers, but it gives starlings the fits).

Squirrels also love suet. You may be able to slow them down by protecting your feeders with baffles. If the squirrels still eat too much suet, take comfort from another old adage, "Render unto squirrels the things that are squirrels'." I know the squirrels believe it.

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More Beef Suet Bird Feeding Tips

Suet can be put out any time of the year, but in the winter when the natural food supply is limited, it will be especially appreciated by birds looking for extra carbohydrates and protein. Commercial suet cakes are available, but a homemade concoction is simple to prepare. Birds seem to prefer homemade suet recipes which are usually made with more nutritious ingredients than commercial products.

To make suet, mix together 1 cup melted beef suet, 1 cup peanut butter, 4 cups cornmeal and 1 cup flour. Mold the recipe into a block and put in an appropriate container where birds can get to it. Suet feeders are available in the marketplace, but an old pie pan works well. Suet also can be stuffed into holes drilled in a piece of wood , such as a cedar log.
When feeding suet in summer, put out only a day's supply, since it spoils quickly in warm weather

What containers some of our customers use for their beef suet feeders.

You can put homemade suet in those mesh onion bags. You may harden the suet in cottage cheese cartons first.

I kept the old, store-bought, square containers to use as a mold, and they fit right into the wire tray I already had.
I'd be hesitant about using any metal cans -- the tin could become toxic and the birds might cut themselves on the opening.
The birds will love your homemade suet, and they won't be picky with how you give it to them. You could smear it on a tree branch, and they'd be happy.

I have used mesh onion bags and a rubber coated metal suet hanger. I have also used small yogurt containers as a mold and put a piece of looped string in the middle of the mixture while it was still warm, then put it in the fridge to harden. Remove the suet from the container and hang the string from a tree branch. Just make sure there is another branch close enough for the birds to perch on while they nibble at the suet. I have also made the yogurt cup suet cakes without a string and just stick it on the end of a tree branch. All these methods have worked well for me.

I've already got enough bird-feeding hardware hanging around my garden -- triple tube feeder, hummingbird feeders, thistle socks, that I couldn't stand the thought of one more "appliance" in the landscape.
I grabbed a piece of firewood (medium-sized log that hadn't been split), looking for something with rough bark. Went into the shop, sunk an eyebolt in one end and ran three 1" diameter holes clear through the log, about 5 inches apart and staggered around the log. Filled them and hung it. A 5-10 minute job, depending on how long it takes you to walk from your feeding station to your shop and back. I like it because it doesn't look like another metal/glass/plastic appliance in my shrubs and trees. It could be mounted in a more natural position than hanging from a branch, but this one works for me.

I cut mine to fit in the regular suet cages. If you don't want to spend 4 bucks for them (who does?) you can make your own with chicken wire. Also, I save the plastic baskets that berries come in, you can put a hunk of suet in them and loop them closed on the top with fishing wire and hang them. Mesh onion bags work as well.

(Some customers have told us that beef suet, when heated to a liquid, makes an Excellent waterproof sealant for any leather work boots or shoes.)

Bird Suet Cake Recipes.

Everything you need to know about suet as bird feed can be found here!

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