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Butcher Twine.  3,600 foot roll.Butcher Twine Strand showing sizeButcher Twine


You may have noticed other websites selling butcher twine by weight?! Who cares how much it weighs - just tell me how many feet of twine I am buying! 

With our Butcher Twine you know exactly how many feet of butcher twine you are purchasing - 3,600 feetThat's OVER 2/3 of a MILE of Butcher Twine!  This will last most customers many years!
Our butcher twine works perfectly well in your oven (away from open flame), on your BBQ grill or in your smoker.  We hang 15 to 25 lb. Hams in our Smoke House with this Butcher Twine! We also use this Butcher Twine to tie the ends off of our Deer Sausage. The Butcher Twine works PERFECT for this. Just don't expose it to direct flame! PLUS - those little rolls of Butcher Twine you can find on other websites usually are under 200 feet long - our Butcher Twine is 18 times more than those little balls of Butcher Twine!  24 Ply with a Breaking Strength of 30 lbs.  ⅛ inch in diameter.  3,600 feet long.


 1 Roll of Butcher Twine is ONLY $24.97 AND Shipped FREE in the U.S.!

Clear  Fibrous Casings
2 ˝ Inches by 20 Inches

Pictured - Clear Fibrous Sausage Casings
Clear Fibrous Casings - Picture of 10 - 2.5 Inches Wide by 20 Inches Long. Each casings will hold 3 to 3.5 lbs. of meat.

Best used for Smoked Deer or Smoked Beef Sausage

 Pre-Printed Venison Sausage Casings in Mahogany Color
2 ˝ Inches by 20 Inches

Deer Sausage Casings Pre-Printed Mahogany Color - Click On The Photo To Enlarge

1˝ inch by 12 Inch Clear Fibrous Casings

Will stuff approximately 1 lb. of sausage.


1.5 Inches wide by 12 inches long clear fibrous casings.  Click on the photo to enlarge





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