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Customer Reviews

Ask The Meatman Butcher Shop Dog Bones

Zoe was the Official Taste Taster for Ask The Meatmans Natural Smoked Dog Bones! Click on Zoe's Picture to visit her Official Web Page and see 5 more large pictures of Zoe and our Dog Bones. Now Henry - the Australian Shepherd in the video clip on the right - is our New Dog Bone Taste Tester!Hickory Smoked Beef Bones For Your Dog
100% NATURAL DOG BONES.  NO Preservatives. NO Chemicals. NO Salt. NO Artificial Flavors/Coloring. NEVER COOKED.
[FACT:  The average 50 pound dog eating traditional commercial dog food will ingest roughly 18 pounds of preservatives in the course of a year!]
These are the Old Fashioned Style of Butcher Shop Dog Bones - Natural(ly) Better!

Keep your dog Happy AND Healthy with Our Hand-Trimmed All Natural Smoked Beef Bones. Available in 5 Varieties For Every Size Dog.
                                        Watch Henry - Our New Taste Tester - Enjoying One of Our Large Smoked Beef Knuckle Bones in the Video Clip to the right.
AS ALWAYS, Please Monitor Your Dog While Chewing ANY Bones!

·We ONLY use Bones from Beefs Raised in the USA!  We NEVER use imported beef for our Natural Dog Bones.
·Our Smoked Beef Bones are from beefs raised for human consumption!  Check out our competition - most WILL NOT specify what type of beef their bones come from. And we NEVER sell Pork Bones!

·We trim each and every bone by Hand. And we smoke every bone in our OWN Smokehouse with 100% Natural Hickory Smoke.
·We Lightly Smoke our Beef Bones at 170° for at least 8 hours. Our bones are NEVER COOKED or oven baked - Cooked/Baked bones can lead to brittleness and splintering.
·After smoking, we quick freeze our Hickory Smoked Beef Bones. We ship our frozen bones by USPS Priority Mail. The Bones are loosely wrapped in Freezer Paper with Ice Packs to keep them cool during shipping.
Instructions for Use

·100% Money Back Guarantee. If you (or your dog) are not completely satisfied - we will REFUND YOUR ORDER IN FULL - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  We've Been A Family Business Since 1949.
· And AS ALWAYS - FREE SHIPPING Anywhere in the U.S. by USPS Priority Mail! 

Order before 4:00 p.m CST Monday thru Friday and most In-Stock Dog Bone orders will ship that day

3 Extral Large Smoked Beef Knuckle Bones. Each Bone is 1.70 lbs. or Larger. 1 Box.  Click on the image to enlarge. These bones are VERY WELL suited for Large Dog Breeds, such as: St. Bernard, Mastiff, Alaskan Malamute, Great Dane, German Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland and Rottweiler.  BUT - many smaller dogs also love our Extra Large Hickory Smoked Beef Knuckle Bones!

Extra Large
Knuckle Bones

Click Here For
More Details

2 Extra Large Knuckle Bones
  ONLY $23.97

 4 Extra Large Knuckle Bones
 ONLY $42.97

Click on the photo above to enlarge. This is a
natural product so the sizes and shapes will vary.

Our MOST POPULAR Dog Bone! 5 Large Smoked Beef Knuckle Bones. Each Bone Is .75 lbs. to 1.70 lbs. 1 Box. Click on the image to enlarge. These bones are just like our Extra Large Beef Knuckle Bones but are a little smaller.  This size works well for Labs, Retrievers, Collies - any medium sized dog.

Knuckle Bones

Click Here For
More Details

Our Most Popular Dog Bone!
4 Large Knuckle Bones ONLY $29.97
6 Large Knuckle Bones ONLY $39.97
8 Large Knuckle Bones ONLY $49.97

Click on the photo above to enlarge.  This is a
natural product so the sizes and shapes will vary.

20 Smoked Beef Puppy Bones. 1 Box.  Click on the image to enlarge. We Recommend Our Puppy Chews for Dogs 12 lbs. and Under. Our Puppy Chews are also GREAT for small dog breeds, such as Yorkshire Terriers, Toy Poodles, Pomeranians, Maltese, Dachshunds, Chihuahuas and Boston Terriers.


Click Here For
More Details

We Recommend Our Puppy Chews ONLY
 For Dogs UNDER 15 lbs. In Weight!

20 Puppy Chews ONLY $29.97
 40 Puppy Chews ONLY $39.97

Click on the photo above to enlarge. This is a
natural product so the sizes and shapes will vary.

 Our BEST Selling Dog Bone! 5 Smoked Beef Shank Bones - (Also Known as Femur Bones and Marrow Bones). Each Bone Is 5 to 8 Inches Long. Filled Naturally With Marrow. 1 Box.  Click on the image to enlarge. Our Shank Bones are well liked by ALL size dogs.


Click Here For
More Details

Our Best Selling Dog Bone!
5 Shank Bones ONLY $39.97

 Click on the photo above to enlarge. This is a
natural product so the sizes and shapes will vary.

NOW 6 Tendon Chews. 1 Box.  Click on the image to enlarge. Our Tendon Chews are enjoyed by any size or breed of dog.


Click Here For
More Details

 6 Tendon Chews  ONLY $35.97

Click on the photo above to enlarge. This is a
natural product so the sizes and shapes will vary.

Click Here to Return to Ask The Meatman's Home Page
Most of the "Smoked Dog Bones" you can find on the Web are sold by retailers - anybody with a website can purchase these factory made dog bones and re-sell them.
We are the Retailer AND Manufacturer of these Old Fashioned Style Butcher Shop Dog Bones. 
You will NOT find these All Natural Hickory Smoked Beef Bones for your dog anywhere else except here at Ask The!

 Variety Pack Dog Bones. 1 Extra Large Knuckle Bone, 1 Large Knuckle Bone, 1 Shank Bone, 1 Tendon Chew and 2 Puppy Chews. Click on the image to enlarge.Variety Pack. Try each type of dog bone we have with our NEW Variety Pack. Click Here For More Details
Receive One Extra Large Knuckle Bone, One Large Knuckle Bone, One Shank, One Tendon and Two Puppy Chews for ONLY $29.99.
Order the Variety Pack if you have more than one size of dog or if you are trying to decide what type of bone your dog likes best.
We Recommend Our Puppy Chews ONLY For Dogs UNDER 15 lbs. In Weight
Click on the photo to the left to see a larger picture of our Variety Pack.

Thanks so much. I hope my neighbors have been ordering from you. I try to share/introduce the bones to those who have dogs in my neighborhood. Even my vet has asked how my dogs teeth are so clean - no more $200 visits to clean teeth and no more putting the dogs under to do it. Your bones are great. Cathy

Hi Craig,
We have 2 dogs: a greyhound and a small-breed mutt.  The bones are a huge hit with both of them, and the funny thing is that even though the beef shanks are recommended for larger dogs, our little mutt goes at that bone like it's steak wrapped in bacon wrapped in steak wrapped in ... well, more bacon. No complaints there.
I don't know that there's anything better that you could be doing with the bones themselves, but I might wonder if you've looked in to whether or not the bones could be shipped in some kind of airtight, vacuum-sealed type packaging. That might save money in terms of not needing to ship the bones with a coldpack, and it also might help cut down on the odor factor. It's not that the odor is unpleasant or anything (quite the opposite) ... it's just that when the bones arrive, the smell of the box makes the dogs go a little nuts. :).


Sounds great I actually would like to place a custom variety pack order now! 1large knuckle 1shank and 3 tendon chews
please! I'll be placing my order right after I send this email! And thanks again for making these bones. I wish I knew about these when he was a puppy!

Craig,  Thank you so much.  What a surprise!  Our 1 year old Golden Retriever is just crazy about the Knuckle Bones.  I usually give him one on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  When he sees me going to the freezer in my garage (where we keep the knuckles) he goes into his happy dance routine.  I think soon we will have to go to the giant knuckles!

Thanks again.

Dear Craig,
What a pleasant surprise .  Ranger is eagerly awaiting delivery man, he loves your knuckle bones.  Thank you for making the day a lot brighter.  We will continue to order from you for a long times.  Thanks again---

My dog Ranger loves his new meaty bones.  I am so glad I found your web site.  I had bought bones at various pet shops & he really was not that interested in them.  More were thrown out than enjoyed.  I wish I could send you a picture of him, but I am not that computer savvy.  You have a very satisfied new customer, hopefully for a long, long time.  I will definitely recommend you to all my dog loving friends.  Thanks for the great customer service - a lot of place should take lessons from you & your company.
Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!  I don't usually do reviews, but this was one worth writing!  We adopted a dog two months ago and he has a wild personality- as cute as it can be it can also be pretty annoying when you're trying to do things and he's mouthing you while you walk...he already poked a few holes in my nice sweaters just trying to play!  When we put these bones down (we ordered the large smoked beef knuckles for our 20lb mixed breed) and he doesn't even notice we're in the room!  I cooked dinner right in front of him just now and he could care less what food I had- he was just too busy :)  We just put in our second order already and will continue shopping here.  Plus the shipping is extremely fast!!  THANKS again! 

Dear Mr. Meatman,
I want to say that my Old English Sheepdog Olivia, is the happiest dog in town when the Meatman comes! The bones look so mouthwatering she loves them. And you are the most courteous and honest business man I've ever come across.  We'll be ordering a lot more bones to be sure.
Thanks, Olivia/Linda Rowan, Naples, Florida
My two min pins LOVE your puppy chews.  I keep the bones in the freezer and microwave them for 30 seconds before I give them to Bambi and Katherine.  They now associate my opening the freezer and putting something in the microwave oven with getting their bones.  They both spin in circles with excitement when the bones are handed out.   My sister Barbara made "dog quilts" from fabric scraps to help me cover the floor for bone chewing time. Everyone in the family helps spoil my girls.
Bambi cam from a rescue group and I don't know when her birthday is.  I got her 2 yrs ago on 9/28 so we can consider that her birthday.  I figured out 9 days before the puppies were born that Bambi wasn't getting fat.  She had 3 puppies - James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard and Katherine Janeway - My Star Trek captains.  The same people who told me Bambi was spayed, told me that she was 5 yrs old - not!  I think she's around 10.  My vet recently commented that Bambi's teeth were in great condition.  I believe it's because she gets your bones every week.
The one puppy I kept was Katherine Janeway.  Katherine was born on 11/24/2008.  She was 4 oz. at birth - the runt of the litter.
Thanks so much for giving my dogs such pleasure with your wonderful treats.

I received my order of Large Beef Knuckles yesterday. I am extremely pleased with the fast shipping an excellent quality of your product. My Bulldog has never enjoyed a Bone more. I was impressed how your Bones do not splinter. This was always of great concern to me regarding my English Bulldog and chew bones since she has immense bite force. Even under the Huge amount of pressure she exerted there was no shattering of the knuckle, she was able to shave it down slowly ( much like a cheese grater )and consume it.. On a recent trip to a large retail pet  food chain , I could not find a single Natural bone that was not produced in China. After the last pet poisoning  incident from firms using imported ingredients of dubious quality I am very please that you use USA beef.  My Bull did not suffer from any gut issues or vomiting after consuming your Knuckle, which has not been the case in the past when I tried pet store Natural knuckle bones. It was only later that I read the label and noticed that the pet store knuckles were treated with Formaldehyde as a preservative. Well, thanks again for a fantastic pet product. I will be ordering more when these are gone.
Sincerely, Richard Schock, Northport, NY

Click Here To Read More Customer Reviews

Zoe is the Official Taste Taster for Ask The Meatmans Natural Smoked Dog Bones! Click on Zoe's Picture to visit her Official Web Page and see 5 more large pictures of Zoe and our Dog BonesClick Here to See Pictures of Our Customer's Dogs with Our BonesAll of Ask The Meatman's Dog Bones Come From Beef Raised in the USA!

Looking for a Dog Bone that is Safe AND Healthy?  Then try a Ask The Meatman Dog Bone!

Click on the picture to the left to see more pictures our Official Dog Bone Tester - Zoe - enjoying one of our Dog Bones.

These real, hickory smoked Dog Bones are the ultimate treat.  With enough smoked meat flavor to keep your dog happy for hours, these flavor-rich bones wear down without splintering. There are NO additives  - no nitrates either. These bones are 100% human grade. The perfect dog treat. AND our bones contain no wheat, corn or soy. Wheat can cause severe allergic reactions in some dogs.

Our Hickory Smoked Beef Bones For Your Dog Are Preservative FREE!  Your dog gets enough preservatives without adding extra with their dog bones.

FACT:  The average 50 pound dog eating traditional commercial dog food will ingest roughly 18 pounds of preservatives in the course of a year.

We Don't Just Sell Dog Bones - We "Make" Them Ourselves!

All of Ask The Meatman Butchershoppe Dog Bones™ are 100% natural beef bones, hand-trimmed by The Meatman with no heavy artificial smoke... Only natural food grade smoke. Natural dog bones can provide additional hygiene and immune system benefits and can satisfy a dog's need to chew. They can also help your dog maintain a healthy, shiny coat.
These Dog Bones From The Butcher are Very Meaty. We've been in business since 1949 processing meat and dog bones for our local customers!

Our hickory smoked beef bones are NOT mass produced at some nationwide meat processing "factory". 
Our beef bones are cut at our small, local meat processing plant from locally (State of Missouri) raised beefs ONLY!!  We never use imported beef for our smoked beef bones.

Jackson Frozen Food Locker has been a Family Business Since 1949.  We've been selling online with our website Ask The Meatman Since 2001.

Looking To SAVE MORE MONEY?  You Can SAVE Almost $100.00 a year with our Dog Bone Club - An Automatic Home Delivery Program!

*We STRONGLY recommend that you keep our Hickory Smoked Beef Bones for your dog stored in your refrigerator freezer.  We recommend you keep our dog bones frozen until ready to use.
We suggest that you put them in your refrigerator freezer immediately upon receiving them.
For ease and convenience, we suggest storing your Dog Bones in the box you received them in.*
We Ship Our Hickory Smoked Beef Bones for Your Dog by USPS Priority Mail.
The bones are loosely wrapped in Commercial Grade Freezer Paper along with ice packs to keep them cool during shipping.

As with all natural bones (ours and those bones from other stores), we HIGHLY recommend supervision during eating.

We also recommend that you not let your pet chew our bones on carpet, as the bones still have some natural juices and bone marrow in them. There is the possibility that they could leave stains.
 We also recommend that you throw away bones when they become small enough to be swallowed and/or if the bone has set out over 7 days at room temperature.  Usually your dog will have chewed on the bone until they lose interest before the 7 days – or the bone will have been chewed into such small pieces it needs to be discarded.  Then it’s time for a NEW bone!

Click Here to Read Our Dog Bone Tips and Suggestions

Since we are a small company producing our smoked beef bones by hand, our high quality bones are sometime limited in number and can vary in size.

(Dog Bones are NOT shipped outside of the U.S.)  Shipping and Ordering Information.

Remember - if you are comparing dog bone prices - to add in the shipping costs of our competitors! You'll find that our Premium Smoked Beef Bones For Your Dog Are Very Similar in Price!
If you have any questions or suggestions about our Hickory Smoked Beef Bones for you dog, please click here to send us an email.

There is no mistaking our hickory smoked beef bones for the average bone you buy in the pet store.
Our hickory smoked beef bones HAVE meat on them!  You will notice that most pet store bones are as dry as a rock.  Not ours!
And all of our beef bones are trimmed by HAND!  Not "Mechanically Separated" bones like those from the large meat factories!

We ship your Smoked Beef Bones frozen and loosely wrapped in freezer paper. We also include a frozen ice pack to keep your Smoked Beef Bones cool while shipping. 
We recommend that you keep our Hickory Smoked Beef Bones for your dog stored in your refrigerator freezer. 
We suggest that you put them in your refrigerator freezer immediately upon receiving them. Since all beefs are different in their size, our beef bones will vary in size also.
 As with any natural bone, we recommend supervision during eating.

*We do NOT - and will NOT - sell smoked Pork, Sheep or Venison bones due to their easy splintering when chewed!
We also will NOT sell smoked Beef Rib Bones, as they are more prone to splintering also!*

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