When an order does not complete successfully we (www.2checkout.com) do not send a confirmation email. During the process of the order however, we typically do a pre-authorization on the credit card to make certain that the funds are available. This authorization is done on the card number only. Even if the funds are available the order may still fail if other information provided by the customer doesn't match with bank records or if the information has been entered incorrectly.

It can be confusing for the customer who decides to call their bank or credit card company to see if the order has processed. The bank is not aware of a failed order attempt. They may relay that the order was successful based simply on the funds being approved. In the case of a failed order attempt the bank eventually and automatically releases these funds back into the customers account. We (www.2checkout.com) do not collect the funds approved on a failed order.

Customers with failed order attempts will need to resubmit their order online if they would still like to receive your (www.askthemeatman.com) product. Successful orders will receive an order number right away and the customer will receive a confirmation email. We will also email you (www.askthemeatman.com) to notify you of the order.

If you have customers who can not or will not except this clarification and strongly believe they have in fact been charged, please feel free to refer them to us (www.2checkout.com). Using their full credit card number we can search our system for detailed order history and advise as to what exactly caused the order to fail.

2checkout.com is the authorized retailer for Ask The Meatman.com and Jackson Frozen Food Locker.

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