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10 Clear Casings - Will Stuff 25 lbs. of Sausage - WAS $17.50 - NOW ONLY $12.97 - Shipped FREE!

20 Clear Casings - Will Stuff 50 lbs. of Sausage - WAS $27.90 - NOW ONLY $19.97 - Shipped FREE! 

40 Clear Casings - Will Stuff 100 lbs. of Sausage - WAS $39.98 - NOW ONLY $34.97 - Shipped FREE! 

100 Clear Casings - Will Stuff 250 lbs. of Sausage - WAS $79.93 - NOW ONLY $64.97 - Shipped FREE!

Clear Fibrous Casings - 10 - Each Casings is 2.5 Inches Wide by 20 Inches Long - Butcher Twine Pre-Cut Strings Are Provided

Using our Witts Smoked Deer/Beef Sausage Seasoning and Our Clear Fibrous Casings, this is what your finished product will look like!  Click on the photo to enlarge.

Clear Fibrous Sausage Casings

Best used for Smoked Deer or Beef Sausage

These CLEAR 2½" x 20" Viskase Brand fibrous casing will hold up to 3  to 3½ lbs. of raw sausage meat.
 Fibrous Casing are also known as Synthetic Casings.

 To the right is a picture of 2 finished, ready-to-eat links of our Deer Sausage that we made using these clear fibrous casing.

NOW Available - 1½ inch by 12 Inch Clear Fibrous Casings!

These Viskase Brand Fibrous casings are the same kind we have used for our beef and deer sausage for over 25 years!  UPC:  721762841822

Our casings are string tied at one end and and come with a cotton loop for hanging when smoking/cooking.  We also provide the correct number of pre-cut butcher twine to tie the casings ends.

They are nearly impossible to break while stuffing!

Fibrous Casings are easy to use and store.

They take smoke perfectly, and adhere to the sausage as they shrink.

Soak fibrous casings in warm water (maximum 100 Degree's F water) 30 minutes before using. [Make sure you also get warm water on the inside of the casings when soaking.]

All casings are pre-stuck (pin pricked) to allow for better smoking and eliminate air pockets.

Fibrous casings are NOT EDIBLE and need to be peeled away before eating.

Smoked Beef or Deer Sausage needs to be smoke-cooked to an internal temperature of 152 degrees for safety!

Smoked Sausages are a GREAT SUMMER TIME SNACK!

The meat should be packed tightly in the casing making sure that there are no air pockets which will cause a green mold to form and off-flavors to develop.

Store casings in a cool, dry place away from steam pipes or hot storage areas. Best storage temperatures are 40° - 75° F where ideal relative humidity is between 60 and 70%. Fibrous Casings, when stored properly, will last OVER 2 Years!

We also have Butcher Twine available by the roll. It is made by Prime Source. It comes in a roll of 3,600 feet. 
It is 12 ply and has a breaking strength of 26 lbs. It is the same butcher twine we use to tie the ends of the fibrous casings. ONLY $23.79 per 3,600 foot roll - AND Shipped FREE in the U.S.


We Offer A 100% Money Back Guarantee on EVERYTHING We Sell!

Have questions about ordering from Ask The Meatman? Read our Ordering Guide by clicking here!


Click here for our Legendary Witts Smoked Beef/Deer Sausage Seasoning. Perfect to make Smoked Sausage along with our Fibrous Casings!

Click Here to Visit Our Smoked Deer/Beef Sausage Kit page where you can purchase EVERYTHING you need to make Smoked Deer/Beef Sausage - except the meat!

Deer Sausage Casings Pre-Printed Mahogany Color - Click On The Photo To Enlarge




We Also Have Pre-Printed Venison Sausage Casings in Mahogany Color

These are also 2½" x 20" fibrous casings.

Collagen Middles Casings. 2 X18 Inches

Collagen Middles
Natural Collagen Sausage Casings
2 Inches in Diameter by 18 Inches Long


These Collagen Middles are also great to make smoked deer sausage!

They are slightly smaller than our fibrous casings. 

The finished sausage fit neatly on a Saltine or Ritz Cracker!


Do you have a bunch of deer still setting in your freezer? Is it going to waste?

Then turn that deer meat into delicious deer sausage with our Deer Sausage Kit!
It includes our fantastic Witts Deer Sausage Seasoning, Fibrous Casings and Complete Instructions for 25 lbs., 50 lbs. or 100 lbs. of meat.

 Save some big BUCKS with our Deer Sausage Kit. 
 Click here to find out more about our Deer Sausage Kits!
1.5 Inches wide by 12 inches long clear fibrous casings.  Click on the photo to enlargeWe now carry 1½ inch by 12 Inch Clear Fibrous Casings.
Will stuff approximately 1 lb. to 1.25  lb. of sausage.
Package of 20 of these casings will stuff between 25 and 30 lbs. of sausage.

You can purchase 20 of these 1½ inch by 12 Inch Clear Fibrous Casings
for ONLY $19.97 by clicking the "Add To Cart" Button below

1.5 Inch in diameter stuffing horn to use when stuffing the Collagen Middles Casings
*When stuffing our Clear Fibrous Casings, your Stuffing Horn should be no larger than 1 1/2 (1.5) inches in its outside diameter.1.5 Inch stuffing horn for natural collagen middles casing 
If your stuffing horn tip is wider than this, the Fibrous Casings will not fit.* Here is a picture of the stuffing horn we use with our Fibrous Casings.

 Click Here to See Our How To Make Deer Sausage,
Deer Snack Sticks & Deer Jerky DVD

[This DVD work equally well in making Smoked Beef Sausage, Beef Snack Sticks and Beef Jerky.  It is exactly the same process!  Just substitute lean beef or beef strips where the DVD uses lean deer or deer strips.]

This DVD is 1 HOUR & 26 minutes LONG!

This DVD+ Format and will play on most DVD Players!  Recorded on February 20, 2006.

This is an instructional DVD detailing the process of making Smoked, Ready-To-Eat Deer Sausage, Deer Snack Sticks and Deer Jerky.
We show how to mix, stuff and smoked Deer Sausage and Deer Snack Sticks.


Follow along as we demonstrate how to mix deer and pork, season it, stuff it, and smoke it in a smokehouse.  We charge $2.33/lb to make Deer Sausage, $7.00/lb. to make Deer Snack Sticks, and $12.00/lb to make Deer Jerky!  With the use of this video, hunters can spend a fraction of this cost to make their own delicious, home made Deer Sausage, Deer Snack Sticks and Deer Jerky!

This will be an excellent value year after year!

 Order Your Ask The Meatman How To Make Deer Sausage, Deer Snack Sticks & Deer Jerky DVD™  for ONLY $29.77 TODAY by clicking on the "Add To Cart" button below.  As ALWAYS - Shipped FREE in the U.S.!


We also have Butcher Twine. It is made by Prime Source. It comes in a roll of 3,600 feet. 
It is 12 ply and has a breaking strength of 26 lbs. It is the same butcher twine we use to tie the ends of the fibrous casings. Click Here.

How To Make Deer Sausage, Deer Snack Sticks and Deer Jerky DVD!!

Over 1 and 1/2 hours of detailed instructions on how to grind, mix, stuff and smoke
Deer Sausage and Deer Snack Sticks!

PLUS how to slice, season and smoke Deer Jerky!

Problems with Fibrous Casings?  Click Here for Troubleshooting Guide!
What are Fibrous Casings? Click Here to See ALL of the Seasonings We Carry
Click here to find our Fresh (Natural)
Sausage Casings Page.
Click here to find our Snack Stick
(Collagen) Casings Page.
Clear Fibrous Casking - 10 Shown - Click on the Photo to enlarge Clear Fibrous Casings - Pkg of 10 - Ready To Ship - This is what a pkg of 10 looks like when you receive it - includes 10 Pre-Cut Butcher Twine Strings for tieing the end of the casing - Click on the Photo to enlarge
We Now Accept Orders By Phone With Credit/Debit Cards!
Our Phone Orders Are Accepted 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m (Central Standard Time) Monday through Friday.
To place your order by telephone call : 573-837-7651
Order 10 Clear Fibrous Casings For ONLY $12.97 by Clicking the "Add To Cart" Button Below!
 Shipped FREE! (Will Stuff 25 Lbs. of Sausage)

Order 20 Clear Fibrous Casings For ONLY $19.97 by Clicking the "Add To Cart" Button Below!
  Shipped FREE!   (Will Stuff 50 Lbs. of Sausage)

Order 40 Clear Fibrous Casings For ONLY $34.97 by Clicking the "Add To Cart" Button Below!
 Shipped FREE!   (Will Stuff 100 Lbs. of Sausage)

Order 100 Clear Fibrous Casings for ONLY $64.97 by Clicking the "Add To Cart" Button Below!
Shipped FREE!   Stock Up and SAVE!! 
(Will Stuff 250 to 300 Lbs. of Sausage!)
(Fibrous Casings will easily last over 1½ Years!)


We now have High Temperature Cheddar Cheese, High Temperature Pepper Jack Cheese and High Temperature Habanero Cheese!!

These High Temperature Cheese's are perfect for adding that "Special Touch" to your Smoked Beef/Deer Sausage.
All varieties of cheese are available in 2 1/2 lb. Bags with FREE Shipping in the U.S.!
2 1/2 lb bag will mix with a 25 lb. Smoked Beef/Deer Sausage Kit.


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Order 100 Clear Fibrous Casings for $69.97
and get our $24.99 5-Inch Forschner-Victorinox Boning Knife for ONLY $18.02!!
  That's $6.97 off the regular Boning Knife price!!

Order 100 Clear Fibrous Casings and our Forschner-Victorinox 5-Inch Boning Knife
For ONLY $87.99 by Clicking the "Add To Cart" Button Below!  Shipped FREE by USPS Priority Mail! 


You can always remove items from your shopping cart later.


Your Fibrous Casings will usually be shipped out to you within 24 hours, except orders placed on Saturdays will be shipped out on the following Monday!

Smoked Deer/Beef Sausage Making Kits

Smoked Deer/Beef Sausage Kit for 25 Lbs. of Meat - Save $

Smoked Deer/Beef Sausage Kit for 50 Lbs. of Meat - Save $

Smoked Deer/Beef Sausage Kit for 100 Lbs. of Meat - Save $

Click here to see a larger image.  Butcher Twine.  Used for tieing the ends of smoked sausage.3,600 foot roll of Prime Source Butcher Twine.  12 Ply.  Breaking strength of 26 lbs.  Butcher Twine - 3600 foot roll
You may have noticed other websites selling butcher twine by weight?! Who cares how much it weighs - just tell me how many feet of twine I am buying! 

With our Butcher Twine you know exactly how many feet of butcher twine you are purchasing - 3,600 feetThat's OVER 2/3 of a MILE of Butcher Twine!  This will last most customers many years!
Our butcher twine works perfectly well in your oven (away from open flame), on your BBQ grill or in your smoker.  We hang 15 to 25 lb. Hams in our Smoke House with this Butcher Twine!  Just don't expose it to direct flame! PLUS - those little rolls of Butcher Twine you can find on other websites usually are under 200 feet long - our Butcher Twine is 18 times more than those little balls of Butcher Twine!

Place your order for one 3,600 foot roll of Prime Source Butcher Twine For ONLY $24.97 by Clicking the "Add To Cart" Button Below.  Shipped FREE in the U.S.!

Butcher Twine Strand showing size



We are NOT JUST a Retail Home Butcher Supply Store!
We ACTUALLY Process Beefs, Hogs and Deer.

We Have Since 1949!
And we continue to do so today.


You may want to check out other Home Butcher Supply Web stores
and see if they actually use the products that they sell in
"Their" Meat Processing Plant (that is, if they have one!).

 Find out more of what makes Ask The
 a Unique Home Meat Processing Supplier,
and Why You Should Shop Here!!

Planning on smoking your own sausage or snack sticks?  Why not go with the most popular smoke!  Hickory!  You can place your order for Hickory Sawdust by visiting the Sawdust Page.  Just click here for more info.

(If you do not have a way to "naturally" smoke your Snack Sticks, you can add Liquid Smoke or a Dry Smoke Seasoning to your seasoning/water mix.)


We will still gladly accept your orders by regular Postal mail with payment in advance by Money Order or Personal Check. (Sorry, we can no longer accept credit card orders by e-mail, regular mail or phone).

Click here to print out our Mail-In Order Form.

ALL Mail-In Orders now receive a 5% Discount!


Buyer's IndexOur Stores' Ordering Page.
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Make sure you consider the following:

Have you added in their shipping charges?

 Our price includes free shipping!
And usually gets to you in 2 - 3 days!

Do they have a minimum dollar purchase?
  Are their small orders added a special fee?

 SPECIAL FEE for small orders!

Do they have a handling charge on top
 of their shipping charge?


PLUS  - You know your Sausage Casings TOTAL COST NOW -
NOT after you fill out 4 or 5 pages of credit card information, shipping addresses
AND find out you have to Register yourself with THAT website
with all sorts of personal information!

And THEN find out they have a minimum order surcharge, or a handling fee
or a Extremely High Shipping Fee!

 And on top of that, your order might takes weeks to receive.

Plus you might find out that they DO NOT ship to P.O. Boxes!

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