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Caring For The Carcass

Treat your deer like a fine steak and you’ll get better table fare. "Cleanliness is the biggest problem we (Deer Processors) have. Hunters can field dress it, but sometimes the deer is full of dirt, leaves and bark. They haven’t used care in transporting the deer.

Wash out the carcass after field dressing it then pat the meat dry. If daytime temperatures climb above 50 degrees, pack bags of ice in the body cavity then putting more ice on top of the shoulders and hams. Covering the iced deer with a tarp or quilt will help it stay cool until you reach a processor.

Always line up your processor before your hunting trip. Ask the processor what days they’re taking deer, what time of day deer are accepted, how long it will take to process, and discuss how the deer will be processed.

Are you concerned about CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) this year?
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Here is an EXCELLENT Web Site with a fantastic pictorial guide to Field Dressing Deer or Elk.  If you don't know how to field dress a deer correctly, or would just like to see if there are any tips you might pick up about field dressing big game, make sure to visit this site!

If you would rather have a book to carry in the field with you about dressing your deer, check out this book.

Or you might want to check out this video on Butchering Deer.

Comparative Nutritional Table:

Calories, cholesterol, fat, and protein content
of various types of meat (3-ounce cooked portions).
Meat TypeCaloriesCholesterolFat (GM)Protein(GM)
Venison loin13962522
Beef brisket223771324
Ground beef213841225
Pork shoulder207821322
Beef bottom round18981827
Lamb loin18380825
Veal cutlet155112428
Chicken breast14072326
SOURCE: USDA research; venison analysis by
The National Food Laboratory, Inc. 

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