Meat Cutter Kit With 5 Inch Forschner-Victorinox Boning Knife
 and Large Polar Bear PawGard Cut Resistant Glove

 Cut Resistant Glove  Safety Gloves
 The Meat Cutters' Secret!
Polar Bear
  PawGard Gloves



Meat Cutters Gloves.
Exceptional protection from cuts and abrasions.
Heavy Duty. Cut resistant gloves prevent accidents
when using a knife. Comfortable. No seams to irritate hands.
Our BEST Cut Resistant Glove!!

5 Inch Forschner-Victorinox Boning Knife

The Forschner 5 Inch Boning Knife is the BEST knife to use for the beginning Meatcutter!  And it's also a GREAT Knife for the Experienced Meatcutter !

Click Here for More Detailed Information on our Forschner-Victorinox Knives

We HIGHLY recommend this Semi-Flex, Fibrox Handle Professional Boning Knife for the beginning Meatcutter Because:

  • the shorter (5 Inch) blade length makes knife control easier (Overall Length - 11 Inches)

  • the Semi-Flex design helps in moving the knife "around" the bones

  • and a Forschner-Victorinox knife holds its edge (in other words, it stays relatively sharp)

5 Inch Boning Knife AND Large Cut Resistant Glove - Click on the Photo to enlargePurchase 1 of our Large Polar Bear PawGard Cut-Resistant Gloves and our 5-Inch Forschner-Victorinox Boning Knife for ONLY $39.97
For this Special Sale, the Glove will be a Large Size ONLY.

Purchase 1 Cut-Resistant Glove and One Forschner-Victorinox 5-Inch Boning Knife for ONLY $39.97
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