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Pictures of Our Customer's Dogs With Their Favorite Dog Bone -
Ask The Meatman's All Natural Butcher Shoppe All Natural Hickory Smoked Beef Bones!

Zoe is the Official Taste Taster for Ask The Meatmans Natural Smoked Dog Bones! Click on Zoe's Picture to visit her Official Web Page and see 5 more large pictures of Zoe and our Dog BonesCurrent Customers - WE NEED YOUR HELP!
Feel free to send us your thoughts after your dog has tried our all natural,
hickory smoked beef bones and let us know how much they loved them.
Also, we would love to have photos of your dogs to display on our site so make sure to send them too!

We are looking for photographs of your dog (or dogs) enjoying our Hickory Smoked Beef Bones.
If you would like to email us your photograph, please send them to us by clicking here
The Picture to the left is of Zoe - The Official Ask The Meatman Dog Bone Tester!

Click Here To Read What Our Dog Bone Customer's Say About Us!

Just click on the dog picture to see an enlarged photo!
All my dogs are absolutely crazy for your bones.  I'll never buy bones anywhere else...ever!!  Jennifer
Jennifers Dog with our knuckle bone - click on the photo to enlarge Jennifer Dog with Our Smoked Knuckle Bone - click on the photo to enlarge Jennifers Dog with Our Smoked Beef Knuckle Bone - click on the photo to enlarge Jennifers Dog with Our All Natural Beef Bone - click on the photo to enlarge
Cole Enjoying Some Of Ask The Meatman's Puppy Chews

Hi Craig
Here is a picture of me and one of my bones you sent me. Thanks for all the enjoyment you and your bones give me, my Mom & Dad are eternally grateful to you.
Cole Broadbent

Shadow - Pearls beautiful Black LabThe personal customer service keeps me coming back! and of course, shadow (the love of my life, attached) loves the bones.  thanks ~ Pearl
Linda's Corgi January 12 2012Ozzie Corgi January 16, 2012

 OMG!  Craig, this just blows my mind. First of all a HUGE THANK YOU for being so generous.  My boys LOVE your bones and especially the Tendon Chews.  These chews seem to be the perfect size for our spoiled corgis.  You can be sure you've got a customer for life.  I have to smile, I was going to put our monthly order in this week.  But I'll save it for next month.  Thank you again. Linda Kriss

Zoey 1

Zoey 2Craig,
The package got to Alva today.  Our postmaster said she called OKC routing and kind of chewed them out for allowing it to be sent to Dallas.  Anyway, thanks for all your help.  I really appreciate all you guys do.  I have Attached a couple of pics of my Zoey, so you can see the “Drama Queen”  who waits for the mail to come to see if she’s going to get a box of bones.  Believe me, she knows what the packages look like.
Thanks again and have a great day!  I’ll be ordering again soon.
Vicky Hewatt

Min Pin with one of our Puppy Chews!

My two min pins LOVE your puppy chews.  I keep the bones in the freezer and microwave them for 30 seconds before I give them to Bambi andThe "chewing blanket" helps keep the floor clean! Katherine.  They now associate my opening the freezer and putting something in the microwave oven with getting their bones.  They both spin in circles with excitement when the bones are handed out.   My sister Barbara made "dog quilts" from fabric scraps to help me cover the floor for bone chewing time. Everyone in the family helps spoil my girls. 

 Bambi came from a rescue group and I don't know when her birthday is.  I got her 2 yrs ago on 9/28 so we can consider that her birthday.  I figured out 9 days before the puppies were born that Bambi wasn't just getting fat.  She had 3 puppies - James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard and Katherine Janeway - my Star Trek captains.  The same people who told me Bambi was spayed, told me that she was 5 yrs old - not!  I think she's around 10. My vet recently commented that Bambi's teeth were in great condition.  I believe it's because she gets your bones every week. 

The one puppy I kept was Katherine Janeway.  Katherine was born on 11/24/2008.  She was 4 oz. at birth - the runt of the litter.

Thanks so much for giving my dogs such pleasure with your wonderful treats.

I wonder how she got the bone to stand up like that? Just click on the image to enlarge it.Here's our Ollie  (Olivia) 4 yrs old and loves her bones.. Non other will do....  Thanks,  Linda R.
She's a Old English Sheepdog.
Our Puppy Chews are great for puppies and any small breed dog. Just click on the picture to enlarge it.

  I am a 14 month old Rhodesian Ridgeless who receives hours of delight from your tasty meat bones.  I started out on puppy chews but can consume those in two seconds so my owner now gets me the delicious knuckle bones.  There will never be no bone to big for me!  Please don’t ever stop making them!

I have a 10 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback who goes crazy when it’s time to get a bone.  We travel to the post office to pick up our order and he can’t wait to have hours of delicious bone time.  Our dogs only problem is he can’t decide to lick it or chew it!

Colleen Moore

You can't find meaty smoked beef bones for your dog at most pet stores! Click the picture to enlarge it.

Dear Mr. Meatman,

My name is Max.  I love your bones!  My mom orders them all the time.  I like when the box arrives - I sniff it over and over till my mom opens the box.
I am 9 years old.  I am a Maltese.  I have been diabetic for 3 years.  My mom has to give me two shots every day.  I also became blind last winter.  The days can be long without something to look forward to.
Since I can't look out the window anymore, I like to spend time gnawing on my puppy chews.  They are the perfect size for me.  They don't upset my stomach.  I look forward to these twice a day.  Mom says she can't find these anywhere else.  Pet stores don't have these.  Whatever we do get doesn't seem like real meat.
Mom orders these and they arrive on our doorstep a few days later.  Mom keeps them in the freezer for me.  I like them best when they are frozen.  A nice summer treat!
Here are some pictures of me on my "bone blanket" enjoying my puppy chews.
My mom is Lisa Deilus and we live in Norwalk, CT.
It's well know that chewing on bones keeps your dog teeth in great shape. Just click on the picture to enlarge it.Hi Meatman,

My two year old Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Chili and Cayenne, LOVE your knucklebones! I keep them on hand in the freezer and give on to each dog  every week or ten days. NOTHING gets these boys more excited! They work on them outside for the first day or so, then bring them into the house to chew, carry around and toss them up into the air. This goes on for an entire week before they have worn them down so small that I take them away.

Thanks for your help in keeping these guys so happy and satisfied. The bones even help keep their teeth clean! Attached are a few pictures that show their appreciation!

Ellen Cornell,
Mom to AKC Rhodesian Ridgeback litter mates Chili (Zareba's Zizzlin' Chili Moon) and Cayenne (Zareba's Zublime Coyote Cayenne),
born 10/16/2004, age 2 years, three months as of 02/06/2007
Our smoked beef shank bone gives hours of chewing enjoyment for your favorite pet. Just click on the picture to enlarge it.

Dear Meatman,

We enjoy your site and your bones. Here is a picture of our dog Badger, golden retriever, with your shank bone.

Our two Golden Retrievers eat our walls unless we give them something else to chew on.  The only thing that lasts is your bones.  They love the knuckle and shank bones, and they keep them quiet for at least an hour.  Here is a photo of Badger, who stopped playing with his brother to chew on the bone.  They started with puppy bones and soon graduated to the biggest ones you've got.

Sally and Robert Pierce

Our Extra Large Knuckle Dog Bone is HUGE! Just click on the picture to enlarge it.
This is a photo of my 6yr old Belgian Malinois 'Thor'  working over one of your XL knuckle bones.  He is a working police dog in California and has quite the powerful bite as needed for his job.  I usually let him chew on the XL knuckle for about an hour and a half every day and he typically gets about 4 days out of each XL bone.  This photo is day 3 of the chew.  He absolutely loves the bones and he works them down to virtually nothing.  They do a wonderful job keeping his teeth clean and his jaws strong.  I have recommend your bones to every K9 handler in our unit.
Thank you so much.
Matthew Harger
Just click on the dog picture to see an enlarged photo!
Ask The Meatman's Yorkie enjoying one of Dad's smoked beef bones.  Just click the picture to enlarge it.This is my (Ask The Meatman) dog OD chewing
 on one of our Puppy Chews. [OD is no longer with us.]
He is a VERY LARGE 8 month old Yorkie.
Click Here to see pictures of our other dog Zoe with our Smoked Dog Bone.
I don't think I would try to take the bone away from this dog.  Just click the picture to enlarge it.

Attached are the photos of 2 very happy customers.

I'd like to thank you for your prompt and efficient service. My dogs Kayla and Tasha eat these like nothing before. The problem I have is the postman. He delivers them and wants to keep the boxes. He keeps asking exactly what the great smells are in the boxes. The girls enjoy your products and look forward to the next delivery. Keep up the excellent work and the great products you supply.

Eglay O'Donnell, their mother,
Kayla and Tasha, the rotty pack,

Nashua, N.H.

Our smoked beef bones are a great value. Please compare our prices that include FREE shipping.  Just click the picture to enlarge it.
My Lab / Terrier mix is, by far, the biggest chewer of all the dogs I have ever owned.  I have been through countless brands and varieties of bones and chews, and much to my dismay, none of them met our (or her) needs.  I ordered the knuckle bones and voila'!   We found the right product!    I've just ordered the variety pack to try out a couple different kinds.  I'm looking forward to receiving those.  Layla  is only a year old, so I am sure we will be customers for a LONG time. 
Thank you for your high quality, reasonably priced, bones.
I've attached a pic of our 'chewer', Layla.
Another satisfied customer!  Just click on the picture to enlarge it.My two golden retrievers Kodi and Jake have enjoyed your large knuckle bones immensely!  I snapped some photos of them enjoying their first “Ask the Meatman” knuckle bones.  As you can tell, they were loving the bones so much, I’m not sure they realized I was even there.
Thanks for a great product.
Mike Libbey
Mableton, GA
(The picture above is Kodi.)
Dogs love chewing our smoked beef bones.  Just click on the picture to enlarge it.All our dogs, including our blind, lame, 12-year old Cairn Terrier, love your bones. Our bones have a scent that all dogs can find.  Just click the picture to enlarge it.
Attached are pictures of two of them chewing away.
Just click on the dog picture to see an enlarged photo!
Hercules - A Great Dane - Enjoying one of Ask The Meatman's Smoked Beef Knuckle Bones! Just click on the picture to enlarge it.

I’m Debbie Adolphsen and here is a picture of my 9 year old boxer mix Jasper chewing on his favorite treat.  He is an aggressiveJasper the Boxer enjoying one of our dog bones. Just click on the picture to enlarge it. chewer and these knuckle bones are the only ones I have found that will keep him occupied for hours.

And this is a picture of my 10 year old Great Dane, Hercules, enjoying his knuckle bone.  He will chew on it for hours.  I love how it helps his teeth and gums.  It really keeps them clean.

This is Mukha.  A 3 1/2 month old Rottweiler Pup enjoying one of our Shank Bones.Hi,
My 3 1/2 month old Rottie puppy LOVES your bones! She has never paid much attention to rawhide, nylon bones or even bully sticks, but when she has one of your bones she won't even get up when visitors come to the door. I like to give her the puppy chews, which can last up to a week, but today I gave her a shank from a variety pack sitting in my freezer. She could not be happier, as you can see in the pictures. She will certainly be getting these bones as long as you will supply them!!
I love quality of your bones and truly feel good about giving them to my pup. They smell so good I had to remind my boyfriend they were not for him!
Thanks again,
Mastiff chewing on one of extra large knuckle dog bones.Hello Mr. Meatman:
I just received the X-large knuckle bones and all of my Mastiffs love them! There is so much Hickory smoked meat on them that my guys have been chewing for hours now without a break. Your bones are truly better than any bone one can buy at the pet store. Usually less expensive means lower quality, but not in this case. Flexibility of payment options is great, and the Free Priority shipping was lightning quick (ordered Friday afternoon, received Monday morning). As you can see from the pictures, the general consensus is "Don't even think about it, get your own"! I might add my one boy is 240 pounds and still growing... Thanks again Mr. Meatman you have a customer for life!
Kindest Regards,
Gary Jacobs
Just click on the dog picture to see an enlarged photo!
Holly chewing up our mammoth dog bone!I wanted to let you know that I received the order and the dogs loved the bones. They were even a big hit with my little dog who hasLola with one of our smoked beef tendons. always been very picky and uninterested in traditional raw hide bones. I just placed another order that should last me until the end of the month or close to it. I just wanted to tell you that you have a great product and I will be submitting some pics through your site soon.
The mail man delivered Boo's variety pack a couple hours ago and he is thrilled!The mail man delivered Boo's variety pack a couple hours ago and he is thrilled! I think he's slightly daunted by the challenge of trying to finish a bone. He's been pacing himself, with short naps in between gnawing sessions. These bones are the best! No more diarrhea for Boo Bear. Here's a picture from round 3 of Boo vs. tendon chew. Thanks!
Dear Meatman, I happened across your website while looking for alternatives to the rawhide chew bones that I was purchasing for my two Olde English Bulldogs Maggie and Bailey.  I have to constantly watch my dogs while they eat the rawhides because they are constantly trying to swallow them whole and the mess they leave behind is insane.  I purchased the extra large knuckle bones first and then the shanks second.  They thourghly enjoyed these bones for over a week.  The raw hides barley last an hour before they have to be taken away and tossed in the trash.  Today I'm placing an order for the extra large knuckle bones.  Enclosed please find a picture of my Maggie Pie eating her first knuckle bone and also a picture of Bailey and Maggie together.  I'm thankful to have the additional options of alternative bones for my precious pups. 
Sincerely Yours
Tina Smith
Maggie and Bailey Smith
English Mastiff with our Large Smoked Beef Knuckle Bone
 Just wanted to send a picture of our English Mastiff Leo, who absolutely enjoys the knuckle bones. Thanks so much.  Leo, the English Mastiff with our Large Smoked Beef Knuckle Bone!
 I'm sending you some better shots of Leo our English Mastiff enjoying your beef knuckles. We are definitely customers for life. These knuckles keep him busy for hours and I love it!!
Maria Gaer
Just wanted to say that we received our order of large knuckle bones today.  My dog Lily is a 2 year old chocolate lab who can smell food from miles away. She must have known the package had arrived long before I did, since she was laying at the front door when I came in through the garage after work.  The postman left the package at the front door, and I probably wouldn't have even known if she hadn't been sniffing at the walls. Normally she would run off to hide whatever bad things she had done during the day, but not today!  She was laying patiently, knowing that something great was about to happen! I gave her one of the bones and I have never seen her enjoy one so much!  She licked and chewed at it for about 2 hours!  Shipping was VERY fast and these are the best quality bones I have found so far.  There's actually still meat left on them!  I will definitely be buying again!  Thank you so much for this great product.  Here's a picture of Lily enjoying her new snack:).  Kate, Feb. 15, 2011.
Bella With An Ask The Meatman Smoked Beef Shank Bone

Our 2 year old golden "Bella"  is crazy for your smoked shank bones.  Your product is excellent and provides numerous hours of entertainment for Bella.  I have and will continue to recommend your products to fellow dog owners.  Thank you Meat Man.  Ted Budd, Harrisonburg, VA

Alex enjoying one of our Dog Bones.
Bella and our Tendon Chew.Cassidy with a Smoked Beef Large Knuckle Bone.

All of our dogs LOVE these bones!  Cassidy is a Tamaskan who celebrated her first birthday with a giant knuckle bone!  Bella is a two-year old Japanese Spitz/Pomeranian mix who loves the tendon bones..and Alex is our "senior" dog at seven years old who is happy with any bone, but does best with the small ones :)  We will definitely be ordering more bones again and again and again!  Nanette

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Ask The Meatman's DOG BONES
Hickory Smoked Beef Bones For Your Dog

100% Completely Natural Dog Bones!
NO Preservatives, Chemicals, Sugar or Salt! Never Cured!

AND we only use bones from beefs raised in the USA!  We never use imported beef for our smoked beef bones.
Our beef bones are natural hickory smoked (we only use 100% Hickory Sawdust - NEVER Liquid Smoke) low and slow.
We smoke our Beef Bones at 180° for at least 10 hours. Our bones are NEVER cooked or oven baked.
Cooking or baking the bones can lead to splintering.

100% Money Back Guarantee. If you (or your dog) are not completely satisfied - we will refund your order in full.
 NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  And AS ALWAYS - Free Shipping in the U.S. by USPS Priority Mail!


3 Extral Large Smoked Beef Knuckle Bones.  Click on the image to enlarge.Extra Large
Knuckle Bones

2 Extra Large Knuckle Bones For ONLY $21.97
Shipped FREE!


5 Large Smoked Beef Knuckle Bones. Click on the image to enlarge.Large
Knuckle Bones

 4 Large Knuckle Bones
 for ONLY $29.97
Shipped FREE!


20 Smoked Beef Puppy Bones. 1 Box.  Click on the image to enlarge.Puppy

20 Puppy Chews
 for ONLY $29.97
Shipped FREE!

SPECIAL SALE!  Order 40 Puppy Chews for ONLY $39.97!   Shipped FREE!

5 Smoked Beef Shank (Femur) Bones.  Click on the image to enlargeShank


5 Shank Bones
 for ONLY $39.97
Shipped FREE!


5 Smoked Beef Tendon Chews.  Click on the image to enlarge.Tendon

6 Tendon Chews
 for ONLY $39.97
Shipped FREE!


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