Pork Processing is 49/Lb. 

If you want your hams and/or bacons Cured and smoked, it  is 75/Lb. on the weight of the hams and bacon. 
This 75/Lb. includes slicing and vacuum packing.

Pork Processing includes cutting, wrapping and flash freezing.

We accept hogs in the following ways:

 Stan Acup does all our slaughtering for us. Slaughtered on the farm by the customer
 Stan has over 20 years experience with slaughtering beef and hogs on the farm. Slaughtered at another meat processing plant
 Stan Acup takes pride with his work.  Almost every customer says he does a better, cleaner job than most slaughter houses. Slaughtered by us on the farm

**We Do NOT Slaughter here at Jackson Frozen Food Locker! You have to slaughter your beef or hog yourself or have our slaughter man come to your farm and slaughter.
We slaughter ONLY in Cape Girardeau and Bollinger County Missouri!**

NOW AVAILABLE - Ask The Meatman's Own
"How To Process Pork" DVD!!

1 Hour & 12 Minutes of Learning How To:

  • Make The Primal Pork Cuts

  • Make Sub-Primal  Pork Cuts

  • Make Retail  Pork Cuts

  • Freezer Wrap Pork Correctly

  • Sharpen Your Knife Correctly

  • Use A Steel Correctly

Want to learn more about Pork?  The visit our Pork Page!

If you are planning on cutting your own hog, you will need a good boning knife.  Why not order one of our Forschner Boning Knives!  This is the same knife we have used for decades at Jackson Frozen Food Locker.  Order one today for only $24.99 - shipping included in this price!

Is this the first time you've ever butchered a hog yourself?
Find out everything you need to know about how to kill, skin, slaughter and butcher a hog by reading the book "Basic Butchering of Livestock and Game", available from our bookstore.

Book:  Basic Butchering of Livestock and Game
   Here is everything you need to know: 
   At what age to butcher an animal. How to kill, skin, slaughter and butcher.  How to dress out game in the field.  Salting, smoking and preserving meat. Tools, equipment and the setup.  Curing and smoking. Butcher, slaughter and skin beefs, hogs and deer.  Process and preserve.  Field dress deer.

You can learn even more about processing pork by
 looking at our Pork Cutting Charts!

Jackson Missouri Weather ForecastPlanning on butchering your hog or having us butcher it this week?  Check the Local Cape Girardeau and Bollinger County Weather Forecast first here!  To view your local forecast anywhere in the U.S., just enter your zip code or city in the Weather.com box below.

 Check your local weather before you slaughter and process your hog.  You can't render lard in the rain!!
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