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  • Break your Deer into the Primal Cuts

  • Make Boneless, Butterfly Deer Chops

  • Make Boneless Hind Quarter Steaks into Top and Bottom Round Steaks, and Sirloin Tip Steaks

  • Use A Boning Knife Correctly

  • Put An Edge On Your Boning Knife

  • Freezer Wrap Like The Professionals

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All these Venison recipes are from  When you click on any of the recipes, the recipe will open up in a new window.  To return Ask The Meatman, just close the recipe window.

If you're like me, you cook by "eyeballing" the ingredients, and go by memory.  So you may be new to "reading" recipes - just like me.  Here is an excellent article on how to cook by following a recipe from the Busy Cooks at

Venison Marinades


Amazing Venison Recipe Book from

Amazing Venison Recipe Book
Noted hunting writer, Jim Zumbo, shares over 200 of his favorite venison recipes. Learn how to use herbs, spices and marinades with the various cuts of meat, from roasts to specialty dishes. This book lets you turn any venison cut into a gourmet's delight. . 232 pages.  ONLY $16.95