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We've Been in Business And Processing Meat Since 1949 - And We've Been Selling Online Since 2001

We Only Sell Products That We Use - So YOU Only Buy The BEST Products!


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Craig Meyer/Owner
is the MEATMAN!

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Fresh Sausage Seasonings - AC Legg

Fresh Sausage Seasonings - AC Legg

Smoked Snack Stick Kits - AC Legg - Ask The

Smoked Sausage Kits - Witts - From Ask The

Fresh Sausage Kits -  AC Legg - From Ask The

Fresh Sausage Kits - Witts - From Ask The

Casings - Natural Hog - From Ask The

Casings - Natural - Sheep - From Ask The

Casings - Fibrous - Clear - From Ask The

Casings - Fibrous - Mahogany - Printed - From Ask The

Casings - Collagen - Snack Sticks - From Ask The

Casings - Collagen - Middles - From Ask The


Jerky Seasoning - AC Legg - From Ask The


Jerky Seasoning - Ask The Meatman's Own - From Ask The


Smoked Deer Sausage Seasoning - Witts - From Ask The



Snack Stick Seasoning - AC Legg - Traditional - From Ask The



Snack Stick Seasoning - AC Legg - BBQ - From Ask The




What Makes Us Unique Among
Home Meat Processing Suppliers Online?

1.  You may want to check out other Home Butcher Supply Web Stores and see if they actually use the products that they sell in "Their" Meat Processing Plant
 (that is, if they have one)!

At Our Meat Processing Plant!
We've been Processing Beefs, Hogs and Deer
Since 1949 In The Same Location.

3.  We WONT RECOMMEND Any Products
 Unless We Use Them Ourselves!

4.  And YOU will receive products that will be tested and proved reliable under the toughest conditions for years!

5.  You WONT Find Any Products For Sale Here
 Because We Found A Truckload of Them At Rock-Bottom Prices!
 We WON'T SELL Cheap Meat Processing Supplies!

Tired of the hassle other websites put you through just to place your order?
You know....

 filling out a registration form before ordering

 entering in passwords and user names

and going through 6 pages of ordering forms and filling in information BEFORE you EVEN find out out your shipping cost and total price.

Then place your order here at Ask The Meatman for the highest quality commercial meat processing products backed by years of our own use!

And We PROMISE that you will know your Total Cost BEFORE you click the buy button!

EVERY Price you see is your FINAL, TOTAL Price!!

There are many EXCELLENT Home Meat Processing Supplies
and Seasonings on the Market.

But we ONLY SELL WHAT WE USE Here at Jackson Frozen Food Locker because we know they stand up to our highest Commercial Standards.

We may not have the CHEAPEST Home Meat Processing Supplies,
but we believe We Have the BEST Home Meat Processing Supplies.

The old adage still applies - YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

We are a operating meat processing plant.  Have been since 1949 and continue to process beefs, hogs and deer today.

We may not have the largest Variety of products,
but we Know our Products WORK!
AND Will Work For YOU!

Jackson Frozen Food Locker.  Founded in 1949.  Still operating today processing beefs, hogs and venison!
This is our Meat Processing Plant - Jackson Frozen Food Locker
400 South High Street, Jackson, MO  63755   
Click on the picture to see some of the Professional Organizations
we belong to.


"The Meatman" - Craig Meyer.  General Manager of Jackson Frozen Food Locker and an employee since the 1960's/I'm "The Meatman" - Craig Meyer.  I've been working at Jackson Frozen Food Locker since I was in Grade School in the 1960's.  When you place an order, or ask a question, I'm the one who "Does It All"!

We treat our Online Customers just the same as Our Local Customers.  We've been serving Southeast Missouri since 1949 and the United States Since 2002. 

We believe our Online Customers, as well as our Local Customers deserve the best products and honest service available! 

You can read more about Our Business by clicking here.

When comparing prices on the Web,
 make sure you compare shipping charges,
 minimum orders and handling charges!! 

Most of our orders are shipped FREE or at low prices.
Plus we have NO MINIMUM ORDER!

You can go directly to our Secure Credit Card Ordering Page by clicking here.

We will still gladly accept your orders by regular Postal mail with payment in advance by Money Order or Personal Check. (Sorry, we can no longer accept credit card orders by email, regular mail or phone. We will gladly accept your credit card order on this website 24 hours a day!)

Click here to print out our Mail-In Order Form.

ALL Mail-In Orders now receive a 5% Discount!

Our parent company,
Jackson Frozen Food Locker,
 has been in business since 1949.
 We would like to thank  all of our customers
 for their business the past 63 years!

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(From MapQuest)

[You may have noticed most other websites selling butcher shop supplies have either a minimum dollar order (such as $26.90) or add a handling charge (such as $14.97) for orders under a minimum amount.  NOT HERE!  We feel our customers should be able to just purchase 1 item without being hit with outrageous add-on costs.]

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