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If you are looking to find out where a certain cut of beef is located on the cow, take a look at our Beef Charts page!

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What is the difference between ground beef, ground chuck, ground sirloin, and ground round? Which makes the most tender hamburger?   

I accidentally re-froze a sirloin steak that had been thawed. Have I ruined it or is it still safe to eat?  Thanks!

Read a response in your FAQs from someone who tried to tenderize beef for 3 days in beer. I read your response to him about "cooking" - but there is nothing about "preparation" -- I soak our steaks in beer for 2-3 days and this still does nothing. Usually buy New Yorks from the butcher. Please, after hundreds of wasted $$$, how do we "prepare" the beef so it is as tender as possible for cooking?? Thanks much.

How do you grill a brisket where it comes out tender and tasty?

 I hope you can answer my question, as I can't seem to find an answer.

I pick out family packs of sirloin steaks when they go on sale at our local grocery store and have the butcher grind them for me.

Yesterday I picked out a nice big package of nice fresh looking sirloins to have ground.  When I went to repackage the meat, the entire middle was a yucky brown color!  The outside and bottom were nice and red......the brown part didn't smell bad but didn't look very appetizing either!  Can you explain how this happens or is the butcher substituting other meats instead of what I picked out?

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