How to Freeze Meat to Successfully and Safely

This is Part 1 of a 2 part article on how to prevent freezer burn.

 Loading your freezer the proper way.

Do NOT fill your freezer with too much chilled or room temperature food at one time. This causes the freezer to "warm" up. This leads to a longer time in freezing the food.

When food (mainly meat) is frozen commercially, the food is place in a quick freeze or blast freezer. These freezer are operated at temperatures as low as 50 degrees below zero!

This freezes the food very, very quickly. The faster the meat is frozen, the less chance ice crystals will form, and the likelihood of freezer burn is greatly reduced.

Try not to put more than 1/4 of the freezer space with "warm"

If possible, try and leave as much air space around each package of warm food for at least 24 hours. 48 hours would be better.

After this time the food should be completely frozen, and you can stack the meat in the tightest position.

HINT: Check the temperature of your freezer periodically with a high quality thermometer. 5 degrees above zero to 5 degrees below zero would be a good temperature.

Beef Freezing Chart - Storage Times

Pork Freezing Chart - Storage Times

Deer Freezing Chart - Storage Times

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What size freezer is needed for a Whole Beef, 1/2 (side of) Beef and a 1/4 (quarter of beef - hind or fore quarter)?

Whole Beef - Needs approximately a 28 cubic foot freezer.

Side of Beef - Needs approximately a 14 cubic foot freezer.

Quarter of Beef - Needs approximately a 7 cubic foot freezer.


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