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Please take some time and visit some of our links.  We take pride in offering these informative and useful web site to you.  Each link is on our own favorites list.  We have compiled these links over the last 3 years, and we continue to add to the list when we find other useful sites.
We have categorized the links by topic to make finding the web site links easier for you.  You will also find these links on our web pages that correspond to that topic.
BBQ LinksPig RoastRefreezing FoodHow to Buy Meat
Ham Focus On from USDAWeroastem Hog Roasting Page
Nitrite in MeatNitrite and Nitrate
Processing Meat in the HomeThe Meat Smoking and Curing FAQ 
Swine and Pig Internet Information Resources
Retail Meat Cut Selection and Storage
Armour Pork Recipes, Menus & Meals
Food Irradiation - Frequently Asked Questions
National Hot Dog And Sausage Council
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