Wild Game Cooking Tips

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Venison Marinades

Game - Domestic or Wild

The fall and early winter months are a good time to change the menu and include some novel meats such as game.  Game, includes among other meats, deer,  rabbit or hare,  wild pig or boar and duck. When you hang or age the meat, a chemical process  takes place which tenderizes the meat and  enhances the flavor.  Young game has a milder flavor than older game - over three years.  If you marinate game,  it not only develops more flavor, but tenderizes it.  You can easily marinate game for 24 hours or up to four days in the refrigerator.

If you  prepare the meat in the oven, the grill or in a pan, it should cook for a short period of time.  Game is very lean and can become very dry if cooked too long.  It is best to serve the meat when it is a pink inside and still juicy.

Even though game is on the menu only once or twice a year, it can be a wonderful change from the regular meats. Not only the food, but the preparation of the meal should be a memorable and festive event.   Before preparing the food, open a good bottle of beaujolais, let it breathe for about an hour.   Collect the herbs and spices you need, decide on what vegetables you want to prepare and set out the items for the dessert. 

When the wine is ready to drink, begin the  cooking. Every meal should  begin with a good wine, include a good meat and end with a memorable dessert.  

Game is best when prepared in a sauce complimented with a touch of wine.  Deer meat should remind you of the forest or of nature and should, therefore, have the taste of rosemary and juniper berries (or cranberries). You may also add a touch of garlic - but be careful - not too much of it or you will lose the flavor of the meat.

Once you have prepared the food, you may begin the eventful meal with a starter of wild duck pate, followed by the deer meat which should be tender and juicy, climaxed by a raspberry tart and a small glass of raspberry brandy to accompany the coffee.  A really "adventuresome or wild" meal.

The following recipes are a little unusual or special, but fun to try with good friends to help you. The wild duck pâté can be a starter or a main dish, served with a good bottle of red wine.

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