The Pork Kitchen Companion Full Color Booklet

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The Pork Kitchen Companion Booklet Cover.


  •  Guide On How To Select The Right Pork Cut

  • Pork Cooking Methods & Recipes

  • Guide On Storing Pork

  • How To Make Sense of The Meatcase

  • How To Cook Pork Chops & Recipes

  • How To Cook Pork Roast & Recipes

  • How To Cook Pork Tenderloins & Recipes

  • How To Cook Pork Spare Ribs & Baby Back Ribs

  • How To Cook Ham


This booklet was put together as a reference - and inspiration - so cooks of all ability levels can enjoy preparing the most popular cuts of pork.  Even on busy weeknights. this booklet has ideas to liven up quick meals. And to help get you motivated, some of America's most renowned chefs and meat experts for their personal pork advice and favorite recipes.

Be sure to note the cooking times in the recipes and the cooking time chart on the special tear-off, and don't over do it!
Today's pork is very lean and cooks quickly!

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