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Book:  Home Sausage Making Home Sausage Making
Making sausage at home is simple and pain free. Once you've learned the basics, experimentation and sausage innovation are bound to take over. Then before you know it, you will be making gourmet sausages that are better than anything you can buy in the market, and at half the cost!



Book:  Bruce Aidells' Complete Sausage Book Bruce Aidells' Complete Sausage Book
Shows how much flavor and excitement a good cook can extract from a single, somewhat common ingredient. Sausages came about to make palatable those edible but less choice scraps and leftovers from the butchering process. Over time sausages have become national symbols: Poland's kielbasa, Germany's wursts, and America's hot dog. Along with coauthor Denis Kelly, Aidells inventories the world of sausages, including Asian varieties as well as more familiar European and American types. In addition to instructions for making these sausages, he offers recipes that feature sausages, from breakfast dishes through hearty stews such as Polish bigos and the noteworthy Pennsylvania Dutch apple and sausage stew, Schnitz und Knepp.



Order the "Sausage Making Cookbook" Today for $13.97 + Shipping.  The Sausage Making Cookbook 
You will probably end up experimenting , even with all the recipes included. I have been trying to find an incredibly good Mexican chorizo recipe and I am afraid this book didn't give it to me. Though it did have several different versions. I am lucky and can get hog casing locally, but you don't have to have it to make good sausage. I used my Kitchen Aid stand mixer with (sausage stuffer attachment and grinder attachment from Amazon) and it worked like a charm!!! I did notice that fresh sausage is definitely better. Try it sometime!!!



Order the "Limpy's Homemade Sausage" book today from Amazon for only $15.95 + shipping! Limpy's Homemade Sausage: And Then Some For The Hunter and The Homemaker
Here is how to make all kinds of mouthwatering sausages from varies types of meat. Explained in detail is the entire process: selecting meat types, body parts, field dressing, grinding, making a home smoker, smoking, brining, sausages casings, spices.



Order the "Sausage" book by A.D. Livingston from Amazon today for only $10.47 + shipping!   Sausage by A.D. Livingston 

A.D. Livingston talks to you like a buddy who's into sausage making and wants you to give it a try. "Good sausage starts with good meat. Right now, let's put together a simple sausage and cook some recipes just to show how easy it is," he opens, providing the necessary information for dealing with the ground pork and fat and basic seasonings required. Once you mix them together, just refrigerate or freeze this sausage; no casings are required. The five recipes given for using your first batch of sausage meat range from a quick casserole to a mouthwatering Stuffed Crown Roast.

Once he's got you hooked, Livingston presents more detailed information on kinds of meat to use, the grinding process, and seasonings. Then comes the information on casings, plus instructions for curing sausages.

There are recipes for sausages, familiar and obscure, from Cajun Boudin Blanc and German Knockwurst to Finnish Perunamakkra made with potatoes and milk and South African Boerwors. You'll even find one for bologna and another for haggis.

Recipes for dishes like Bavarian Salad with Bockwurst; Louisiana Red Beans, Rice and Sausage; the intensely meaty Eastern European stew, Bigos, made with sauerkraut; and Hacked Chicken with Chinese Sausage make this book worth having even if you just want to cook prepared sausages--but your pal Livingston may just convince you to try it the old-fashioned way

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