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  • Break your Deer into the Primal Cuts

  • Make Boneless, Butterfly Deer Chops

  • Make Boneless Hind Quarter Steaks into Top and Bottom Round Steaks, and Sirloin Tip Steaks

  • Use A Boning Knife Correctly

  • Put An Edge On Your Boning Knife

  • Freezer Wrap Like The Professionals

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Please take some time and visit some of our links.  We take pride in offering these informative and useful web site to you.  Each link is on our own favorites list.  We have compiled these links over the last 3 years, and we continue to add to the list when we find other useful sites.
We have categorized the links by topic to make finding the web site links easier for you.  You will also find these links on our web pages that correspond to that topic.

Planning on making Deer Sausage or Deer Snack Sticks?
We have the commercial seasonings available for sale now by Credit Card!
Just click on Deer Sausage or Deer Snack Sticks to read more about them.

We also have Spicecraft (formerly known as Witts)
Venison Marinade
now available also.

And for those who are getting ready to stuff their
Deer Sausage or Deer Snack Sticks - we have the
all the right casings for that job too!

Not for sure how to cut up your deer? 
Then check out our Deer Cutting Diagrams.

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