How to Plan a Barbecue

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How to Plan the Perfect Barbecue

by Debbie Watson

Have you ever had a barbeque at home, but felt exhausted before your guests arrive? With a little planning, your next party could be stress-free and actually fun! Follow these tips to barbeque success.

1. The week before, organize and tidy any messy areas of your home. Don't leave this until the day of your gathering, or you may find yourself running out of time.

2. Start thinking about what food you are going to serve. How many guests are you expecting? Let's say you have two other couples coming. Ask one to bring a salad and the other to bring a dessert. That will leave you to provide appetizers, meats, and bread rolls.

3. The day before, go shopping for groceries. This will save a trip to the shops on the day of your party. You'll also find that shopping ahead will mean you won't forget any items, which can sometimes happen in a rushed trip.

4. On the day, prepare the meat in the morning, by marinating in a simple mix of soy sauce, barbeque sauce, and garlic. Also think about having some chicken kebabs and prawns too, which are great cooked on the barbeque.

5. Butter the bread rolls, make a tasty dip or other appetizers. One easy idea is to take a packet of pitted prunes and wrap each individual prune in a small piece of bacon. Spear a toothpick through each one and put them on a flat tray, ready for cooking later in the afternoon.

6. Continue to prepare for your barbeque by setting out all the plates, cutlery, glasses, sauces and serviettes. Set out the table on your patio if weather permits, or else use a table inside. Don't let wet weather spoil your plans. Just bring the party indoors and cook on the grill or fry pan.

7. Now, having finished all these preparations early in the day, use the afternoon to run errands, relax with the family or do any other activity you choose. It's great knowing that all the chores have been done and you can start to look forward to the night.

8. A couple of hours before your guests are due to arrive, go for a bath or shower. There's nothing worse than being in the shower when your hear a knock at the door!

9. Also take a little time to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for your visitors. Light your favorite aromatic candle, choosing a subtle scent that is not too overpowering. Pop on your favorite music too. Now's also the time to cook those appetizers that you prepared earlier. Cook the prunes and bacon in a moderate oven for 10 - 15 minutes until the bacon is crispy.

10. Then, when your friends arrive, let your hair down and have a great night!

Debbie J. Watson is a Freelance Writer, who writes articles for websites, e-zines, on-line magazines & off-line publications. For more information, visit

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