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I ordered some of your sausage making seasonings, and I was wanting to make some brats and inject cheese in them like the kind you buy. Will that affect them staying good in the freezer on account of the cheese and if not what kind of cheese would you recommend, also I mixed beef with my ground deer, will that affect how long the deer meat stays good in the freezer or should I mix it just before I cook it?


No, the cheese or beef will not really effect how long the brats will stay good in the freezer. You should use the brats within 6 months for the best flavor. You have to use what is called "high temperature" cheese in the brats. Regular grocery store cheese will melt and run through the brats while cooking, which makes them pretty messy and not very tasty. Look in your Yellow Pages for Meat Processor or Meat Shop. Most of them will carry high temperature cheese. I have never seen the hi-temp cheese at any grocery stores. And mix the beef with your brats when you make them. You don't need to add the beef to them right before cooking.


On average, what percent of meat is normally recovered from a deer carcass? For example, if a dressed deer weighed 100 pounds, would you get 20,30, 40, etc. pounds?


The standard average is 50%. So if the dressed deer (carcass minus hide, head, feet and guts) weighs 80 lbs., you would normally get back 40 lbs. of meat. There are a lot of variables. How fat the deer was (you need to trim off as much fat as possible). The biggest variable is how many times the deer was shot and where it was shot. If the deer is shot in the hind quarters, you lose a lot more meat because around 40% of the deer meat comes from the hind quarters.


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