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What Makes Ask The Meatman Unique?March 29, 2004
Why is Ground Beef Sometimes Brown in the Middle?March 29, 2004
18 Inch Magnetic Knife HolderMarch 29, 2004
Why Do Deer Shed Their Antlers?March 29, 2004
Ask The Meatmans' Own
Meat Cutting Videos
March 29, 2004

Notebook Size Meat Charts

Feb. 10, 2004

Beef/Deer Jerky Seasonings

Feb. 10, 2004

Smoked Beef/Deer Sausage Seasonings

Feb. 10, 2004

Witts Fresh Sausage Seasonings

Feb. 10, 2004

AC Legg Fresh Sausage Seasonings

Feb. 10, 2004

Shake-On Seasonings

Feb. 10, 2004

Rubs, Cures & Other Ingredients

Feb. 10, 2004

Cut-Resistant Gloves

Feb. 10, 2004

5- Inch Boning Knife

Feb. 10, 2004

Hickory Sawdust

Feb. 10, 2004

Is it possible to dry age beef at home?

Feb. 4, 2004

Dry Aged Beef

Feb. 4, 2004

How to Sharpen Your Butcher Knife

Jan. 29, 2004

AC Legg Snack Stick Recipes

Jan. 16, 2004

Meat Handbook

Jan. 5, 2004

BSE (Mad Cow Disease)

Dec. 24,2003

Sausage Casings

Dec. 24,2003

AC Legg Fresh Sausage Seasoning

Dec. 21,2003

Sausage Definitions

Dec. 21,2003

Smoked Sausage Seasoning

Dec. 21,2003

Interactive Beef Front Quarter Cuts

Dec. 18,2003

Important News For Home Beef/Deer Jerky Makers!!

According to a study published by the American Medical Association, E.Coli can survive
drying times of up to 10 hours and temperatures of up to 145 degrees F. It is recommended
that venison being dried for jerky should be precooked to an internal temperature of at least
165 degrees F. Hunters and other consumers need to understand that wild game should
be handled and cooked with the same caution recommended for other meats.


ATTENTION:  If you plan on butchering beef in the Spring or Fall months, be careful of garlic in the fields.

If you do butcher during these months, pen your beef up 1 week prior to butchering to remove the garlic taste from the meat when your beef is processed.

Nutrition Facts is free software for Windows 95/98/NT or 2000.  It contains detailed nutritional information on over 6200 foods.  The food list is fully searchable and is useful for people on diets where fat or carb intake must be limited. 

Nutrition Facts Screen Shot  Download Today for FREE!ZDNet - 4/6/00 - Rated  Rated 4 Stars by ZDNet. - Quoted from the review:  "Nutrition Facts is a nutrition information program that offers a comprehensive index of nutritional facts for a wide variety of food products...The interface is elegantly simple, as is the search function."  

Download your FREE Nutrition Facts program today!
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